To All Our Friends and Family Wherever You May Be

As another year draws towards a close we stop and think about the people who have touched our lives over the years.  Know that you’re often in our thoughts even though we don’t communicate as often as we should.

2010 has been a busy time for us, still travelling a lot around Australia and New Zealand.

The photo-gallery at the bottom of this post is a visual record of the year…some highlights are mentioned below.

Shane’s still happily working at Software Education and having a ball.

Nancy’s been able to do some more artwork, she found a pottery studio in Auckland where she can do some work when we’re there.

In January we had a party to celebrate Serena & Steven’s engagement, Melody came across for the party which was a great evening.

In February Janet & Russel Wood came out to New Zealand, and we had a great time showing them around the North Island.

In May we celebrated 30 years together, a great evening with friends and family.   Straight after the party we flew to Brisbane and shared Mother’s Day with Melody, Matthew & Colette. Then we went on to Sydney for for a week, got some great shots of the Harbor Bridge at night.

Later in May Serena graduated, another cause for a party.

In June Jessica came out to escape the World Cup chaos in South Africa.  Unfortunately she had a mishap and broke her ankle while she was here. Despite having to hobble around on crutches we had a wonderful time with her.

I went to Whakatane in June to deliver a course, and got some lovely sunset photos.

In August we went to the local Scot’s Ball with Donald & Moira and Caren & Derek.

Arthur finished school this year and had his formal ball in August.

In July Jade turned 30, then in September Serena celebrated the same milestone.

In October Jade and Cam came down to Wellington for the long weekend, another opportunity for a party at home.

In November we got back to Brisbane and spent a lovely weekend with Melody, Matthew, Colette and the children.

Nancy and Caren have been having a lot of fun making fascinators together.

Leonora has joined us for a couple of weeks over the end of this year, it’s lovely to see her.

At the end of November Antony turned 50, then the last pre-Christmas event was Donald’s 50th birthday – a major celebration where a jolly good time was had by all. Amazing that three of us who were at school together in South Africa are together to celebrate the same major milestone in New Zealand (mine is in March).

We wish you one and all a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful 2011!

All the best

Shane & Nancy