We spent a great evening today at the Zirka Circus in Paraparaumu.

I will confess to being pleasantly surprised – I was expecting a somewhat tacky experience but we had a wonderful time.

The tickets were very reasonably priced – we paid NZ$124 for two adults and three children in the middle-tier priced seats.  The tent is fairly intimate, seats about 400 people by my quick calculation, and we had a great view of all the action under the big top.

It’s a single-ring circus, with about 20 performers all up.   They delivered a great performance consisting of acrobatic displays, an amazing contortionist, balancing acts, juggling, trick bicycle riding (with 10 people on a single bike at one point!) a couple of clowns who were actually funny (and didn’t scare the little children) and a very impressive silk rope act (the photo below comes from their website)

The “canteen” sells drinks and snacks at very reasonable prices (most things are $3.00), so we didn’t feel gouged when purchasing refreshments.

They have a bouncing castle that the kiddies can play on before the show and during the interval – $4.00 and they don’t have to pay again at interval.

I was pleased, and very impressed – congratulations Zirka Circus, I look forward to your show again next year!