My last entry told the saga of my run-in with USA dept of homeland security, and how Susan and Chris had kindly offered to take me out for the day on my unexpected Friday in Vancouver. This is the story (and pictures) of a great day out.

Chris had offered to take me salmon fishing, which meant a really early start – he collected me at the hotel at 05:00 – which you will know is a very difficult time for me to be awake 😉

We loaded my bags in the car, found an open coffee store for a large caffeine dose and headed out of town. We got to the fishing spot on a river at about 06:00, and went down to the water armed with rods, lures and fishing equipment.

There must have been 30 anglers over a 500m stretch of water, clustered in three groups around pools in the river.

We fished until shortly before 09:00, with Chris patently teaching me how to cast for salmon. Unfortunately the only thing I managed to catch was a seagull that flew into my line (which Chris then rescued). Of the 15 odd chaps fishing around the pool we were at, only three seemed able to catch anything, the rest of us spent lots of time communing with our lures and casting fruitlessly.

Fresh SalmonThere is photographic evidence that the fish are in the water, but they’re not really interested in our troubles. A fishing monitor who was conducting a survey said that due to the low water levels (very little rain for 10 weeks, which is very unusual for the area) the fish are not biting much for anyone, so I don’t feel too bad.

Despite not catching anything I really enjoyed my first foray into salmon fishing – by the end of the three hours I could cast the lure in approximately the direction I wanted it to go, so I learned something new.

From the river we went to the Bobby Sox 50’s Diner for a hearty breakfast – it felt like we had earned it by the, even if we didn’t catch anything.

We then headed back to Chris’ home and picked up his boat before heading out to a state park to spend some time cruising on the lake.

The lake is pretty big, and we cruised around for a couple of hours, just enjoying communing with nature and chatting about topics many and varied.


LakeBoatingBy 3:00pm we had to leave the lake so I could make a move towards the airport.

Chris and family had one final threat for me before I left – he had a salmon which was caught recently which he prepared on the BBQ for a late lunch, so despite not catching anything I still tasted the spoils of the stream.

After a delicious lunch it was off to the airport, where Air New Zealand welcomed me on board and here I am sitting in seat 26H one third of the way into the 14 hour flight to Auckland.

Thanks Susan, Chris, EunSung, Rose and Gina – I had a wonderful day with you and look forward to seeing you again, hopefully you’ll come to NZ and I can show you around our beaches, lakes and mountains.