We’re winging our way on the next leg of this trip around the world, having just spent a wonderful week in one of the nicest cities I’ve ever been in. Everyone who I spoke to before coming here told me that Prague is a beautiful, friendly city, it seemed almost too good to be true people were so gushing about the place. Well, they were right!

Prague is a magical city – a vast array of architectural styles, hidden walkways, majestic castles, churches, bridges and rivers. The people we came across were all friendly, welcoming and generous of their time and knowledge.

We arrived from Japan late on the Monday night, eventually getting to our hotel The Barcelo Old Town just after 01:00 Tuesday morning. The room we were allocated had twin beds but we weren’t going to make a fuss at that point – we just needed to sleep. Breakfast in the restaurant goes until 10:00, which we just made the following morning. The reception staff cheerfully accommodated our request for a different room and moved us to one with a king bed.

The first day we wandered around the Old Town on our own, just getting the feel of the place, almost overwhelmed by the magnificence of the architecture, the sense of history, and stumbling over the cobblestones.

Wednesday we were a bit more organized and took a guided tour in a 1960’s vintage Scoda Octavo – the soft-top version of that car was only made for a very short period during the communist era, it was considered too decedent so they stopped production of it after a very short run. Our guide and driver showed drove us around Old Town, New Town (new – founded in the 1360s), the Castle district and the Jewish Quarter, with a running commentary full of interesting anecdotes. I definitely recommend a tour like that as a great way to familiarize yourself with the general layout of the city.

In the afternoon we walked around the Old Town, crossed the Charles Bridge and purchased a lovely water colour done by an artist on the bridge.

Wednesday evening we took a guided tour dinner cruise. This started with a half-hour tour around the city then we boarded the boat for a two-hour cruise along the River Vltava. As the sun set and the full moon rose it was magical to see the buildings lighted up at night. The food on the cruise was OK, but not the best we ate in Prague by any means.

Thursday we were spoilt – Dana’s friend Michal generously gave up a large chunk of his day to take us around and share the stories of his town from a local’s viewpoint. He took us on the tram up to the castle and we spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering around the castle and cathedral complex, then down many stairs to lunch in the NewTown. Thanks Michal, we hope one day to be able to reciprocate and show you our home in New Zealand!

Thursday evening was the beginning of my “official” reason for being in Prague – the Agile Alliance board meeting. We met with the local Agile community for a “Q&A on the future of agile event. Great questions, good discussions and wonderfully passionate people. After the session they generously hosted us to a lovely dinner.

Friday to Sunday was the board meeting – a great collaborative event during which we achieved a number of significant outcomes which hopefully the global agile community will see the fruits of over the next year.

We dined together every evening and the food was consistently delicious – Czech food is wholesome and tasty.

Sunday night four of us went on the Jazz Boat dinner cruise – from 8:00pm till 11:00pm being serenaded by a really good jazz ensemble and enjoying a great repast.

I’ve found another favorite rum – the Czech brand Bozkov. It’s smooth and easily sipable with a unique favour.

Monday we relaxed in the morning, spend the afternoon exploring more of the Old Town, got some gifts for family and friends and ended our time in Prague over dinner with new friend Joanne, who was visiting from Washington, DC.

So, if you ask me about Prague I will gush about the place with the best of them – we had a great time and would definitely recommend this lovely city and country as a holiday destination.

Hopefully the photos below show some of what we found in this wonderful city.

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